What is Worth It?

What is worth saying?  What is worth doing? What would be worth investing my energy?  I often asked myself these questions in terms of identifying my life's purpose.  I was so serious about where I would dedicate my attention and direct my intensity because it meant that much to me.  I had spent so many years investing my energy in exchange for a meager paycheck in hopes that my job would provide satisfaction, fulfillment and provide a way in which to help shape a rewarding career and a retirement.  Of course I wanted to help people and be of service in some way but I just didn't know how, or how to do it that would provide the most return on my investment in terms of real fulfillment - spiritual fulfillment.  So far, it has not happened over night.  It has been a subtle evolution and a minute-by-minute practice of patience. An intentional career of giving the gift of inner peace is the most mutually beneficial investment of my energy that I could have ever dreamed of.  This is the investment that, I believe, will reap the most reward of all.  Not in the doing, but in the knowing.