How to Resist Love

Humor and a touch of sarcasm was used for this post.

If you must reject love because you feel undeserving of its gifts, do the following:

1.  Create a mini war in your life between you and anyone.  Just pick a person, or three or four. Find fault with everything that they do and say, or just one thing that was said or done that you claim was particularly hurtful.

2.  Engage in gossip.  As much as you can.  Engage in a small gossip session at work or with your significant other, or, go ahead and gossip about your significant other to a best friend or family member. Being pulled-in to a gossip session in order to be 'liked' or to be considered as one of the 'un-gossiped-about' is usually the reason why people engage in gossip sessions, so be on the look-out for that.

3.  Do not attempt meditation or finding time for solitude.  Love is found in times of extreme peace and ease so you will not want to immerse yourself there.

4.  Get really, really, really busy.  Stop resting and relaxing because like #3, relaxation is the gateway to Love.

5.  Begin judging others.  Judge them based on everything they are.  This will keep you as far away from Love as possible.  If you are good at judging, this should be easy for you.