Life As Meditation

Life, when you really stop to think about it, is a great big meditation.  From the moment we are born to the moment that our consciousness leaves this reality we are engaged in an evolution of Life As Dream, Life As Nightmare, and Life As Meditation.

Life As Dream:  This is the state of evolution where were are completely unaware that we are individually responsible for our thoughts, our emotions, our actions and in-actions.

Life as Nightmare:  This is the state of evolution when we become aware that we are individually responsible for our negative thoughts and emotions, our reactions to them, and their harmful effects.  It is also the state of evolution when we awaken to find out the effects of our having been living in Life As Dream and clearly understand how difficult it is to change these behaviors.  It is during Life As Nightmare when it is most difficult to practice self-directed compassion.  This is the time where we realize the intense discipline, focus and patience it takes towards change.

Life As Meditation: The state of evolution where we finally have the ability to observe our inner thoughts, emotions, actions and in-actions and reflect our inner practice onto the outside world.