Peace. It is in the attempt.

It is a losing proposition to force yourself to peace. You may be disappointed in yourself that you are not 100% peaceful in all scenarios, with all people.  Your individual human nature must accept itself before you can resonate with another's human nature.  

It is a constant practice of self acceptance and others acceptance.  Know this.

Should the attempt at peace fail - know that it was in the attempt.

The acknowledgement of the attempt is the most important of all. 

How to Resist Love

Humor and a touch of sarcasm was used for this post.

If you must reject love because you feel undeserving of its gifts, do the following:

1.  Create a mini war in your life between you and anyone.  Just pick a person, or three or four. Find fault with everything that they do and say, or just one thing that was said or done that you claim was particularly hurtful.

2.  Engage in gossip.  As much as you can.  Engage in a small gossip session at work or with your significant other, or, go ahead and gossip about your significant other to a best friend or family member. Being pulled-in to a gossip session in order to be 'liked' or to be considered as one of the 'un-gossiped-about' is usually the reason why people engage in gossip sessions, so be on the look-out for that.

3.  Do not attempt meditation or finding time for solitude.  Love is found in times of extreme peace and ease so you will not want to immerse yourself there.

4.  Get really, really, really busy.  Stop resting and relaxing because like #3, relaxation is the gateway to Love.

5.  Begin judging others.  Judge them based on everything they are.  This will keep you as far away from Love as possible.  If you are good at judging, this should be easy for you.


As Outside So Inside

You have heard the phrase, "As above so below," meaning, in its most basic form, what is contained in the stars above is also contained within the individual.  In the same way, what you acknowledge on the outside, can be found on the inside.  If you acknowledge or perceive jealousy, it is because you, yourself experience jealousy.

Notice - simply notice, that when you acknowledge a perception on the outside, you are experiencing and reflecting the very same on the inside.

The Best Vacation Ever.

If you could travel to a place that would offer you all of the solace, silence, shelter, peace, wisdom, love, protection, strength, courage and creativity in one location, would you travel there?

The question is why would you not want to travel to a place that would offer you all of the solace, silence, shelter, peace, wisdom, love, protection, strength, courage and creativity?

If this destination were advertised online on a travel site or on the margins of a social media site or offered to you by a vacation planner wouldn't you want to at least visit?

And the best part?  Although there is an investment of time and patience, the trip is virtually free.

Do you know where this magic destination is?  Are you curious as to how you can get there?

What is Worth It?

What is worth saying?  What is worth doing? What would be worth investing my energy?  I often asked myself these questions in terms of identifying my life's purpose.  I was so serious about where I would dedicate my attention and direct my intensity because it meant that much to me.  I had spent so many years investing my energy in exchange for a meager paycheck in hopes that my job would provide satisfaction, fulfillment and provide a way in which to help shape a rewarding career and a retirement.  Of course I wanted to help people and be of service in some way but I just didn't know how, or how to do it that would provide the most return on my investment in terms of real fulfillment - spiritual fulfillment.  So far, it has not happened over night.  It has been a subtle evolution and a minute-by-minute practice of patience. An intentional career of giving the gift of inner peace is the most mutually beneficial investment of my energy that I could have ever dreamed of.  This is the investment that, I believe, will reap the most reward of all.  Not in the doing, but in the knowing.


The Best Part Of Waking Up

You can almost hear the tune in your head, can't you? But, I can assure you that the best part of waking up most certainly is not Folgers in your cup.  It is the freedom to choose how you will approach your day. It is the luxury (and it is a luxury) how much love you will gather from the silence, from the noise and from the beauty that you finally become aware of.  The best part of waking up then, is the understanding that while you may or may not have anything, you actually have everything.  And nothing. And everything.

You Are What You Know

It is beyond evaluation that, 'You Are What You Know.'  

And so then, what do you know? And in your knowing, what is known?

If you absolutely know welding, would it not be true that you are a Welder?

If you know accounting principles and practice the field of accounting, would it not be true that you are considered an Accountant?

If you know peace, and practice in the field of peace, would it not be true that you are considered a Peacemaker?

If you know God, then would it be plausible that you are in fact, God? 

Instructions for Panic

In the event where panic ensues, whether internally or externally, do your very best to remain aware.  When reality suddenly changes from stability to chaos, respond first by awareness of your surroundings and then acknowledging your breath.  

Practice panic and anxiety management often by suddenly becoming aware of your surroundings and then paying attention to your breath.  This will create the habit of internal and external awareness.  This is necessary to remain calm, grounded and peaceful during the storm, literally and metaphorically speaking.